Complete Guide to Having the Perfect Registration of Marriage (ROM) in Malaysia

The only thing more important than your wedding day is your ROM day – Registration of Marriage.

You might think that you have to go to the National Registration Department to get it done. And yes, that’s an option. But it’s not the only one.

The ROM process can be done at church, in a temple or at an alternative venue of your choice – you just need an official from the National Registration Department present.

Regardless of where you decide to do it, you ROM doesn’t have to be something you have to fret about. You can always make it one of the most perfect days ever – and we’ll show you how, but first, you need to take the first step – head over to the National Registration Department, or better known as Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN).

Registration of Marriage at the JPN office

ROM Photography
ROM Photography

Step 1:

Get down to the nearest National Registration Department (NRD) branch in your state with your fiance about a month before your proposed ROM date. To be exact, it’s 21+1 days. 

Step 2:

Fill out the application form (if you’re curious, it’s Form JPN.KC02) at the NRD. Remember to include both your ICs and photocopies of it, as well as coloured passport-sized photos (one each).

If you and your fiance are from different states, you’ll have to register in your respective states, or in Putrajaya. Otherwise, one of you needs to change the address on their IC so you can proceed to register your marriage at the same state.

Step 3:

Once you have filled out the form satisfactorily, you may choose your preferred ROM date. At some branches, you may have to opt for a different ROM date as they have quotas in place.

You should be safe if you choose a date that is a month from your first day at the office. A notice of marriage will be on display at the registration office for 21 days.

Step 4:

Pay a total of RM30 for the whole process.

Step 5:

Now, here we are on THE day! Wake up early and dress up formally because its a government office – you don’t want to be late and under-dressed for your own ROM!

Step 6:

Grab your two witnesses and other friends, or family members, then head off to the registration office in all pomp and glory.

Registration of Marriage at a Temple

ROM Photography
ROM Photography, Thean Hou Temple

Step 1:

You’ll need to fill out an application for it at the office. The NRD will assign an officer to solemnise your marriage, and you may arrange the time and date afterwards.

Step 2:

Prepare to shell out some cash for your ROM. A fee of RM500 will be charged for the process.

Step 3:

You may need your parents’ consent (for both sides). At a temple, or any religious setting, the consent of the couple’s parents may be required, and it depends on the temple really. You may apply to marry at the temple and negotiate with the organization further.

Step 4:

Now, it’s time to get married. Some temples are Assistant Registrar of Marriages, so you may perform the solemnisation there straightaway.

Final Notes:

Although you’re doing your ROM in a government building or temple, it doesn’t hurt to level it up and make it a day to remember.

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